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Legendary SuperSquad

Meka City is a dangerous place, crawling with villainous scum bent on overtaking the thriving metropolis. Luckily, there are a number of SuperSquads on patrol, taking baddies into custody, removing them from society. But, alas, even the SuperSquads are at odds with one another, each seeking to cement its place as the most LEGENDARY team in Meka City...

Do you have what it takes to be the best?


Play against your opponents to win the battle for Galactic supremacy!


In this action-packed game, your mission is to collect all the assets of the Empire. There are six to collect: A Hero, a Ship, a Fleet, a Planet, a System, and a Galaxy. The trick is to have all of these and nothing else in your hand to win!


Be the first to gather the Empire, using action cards to manage your hand while destroying your opponent's assets!


This engaging, fast-paced game is for 2-4 players and takes about 20 minutes to play.

3-Down Football Frenzy!

   Capture all the excitement and fast-paced action of Canadian football on a table near you! The unique hand management and dice interactions in this game replicate all aspects of the Canadian Football experience - from kickoffs to passes, running plays to quarterback sacks, punts to field goals. 

   The turns are fast and furious, and the action is never-ending! Well, until the game's over that is... but you can always do a double-header! Each card in the deck contains an offensive AND a defensive play, each with modifiers to the dice to optimize your chances of successful plays. Use your wits and strategize to maximize your options!

  AND! There are 2 ways to play: A quick game runs through the deck once, and - 30 minutes later - the high score wins! A Championship game runs through the deck twice - the first time through gets you to half time, and then you reshuffle and play out the second half. After an hour you will have an ultimate gridiron victory!

Spy Master

Nobody ever said that being a top-notch secret agent was going to be easy. You've got missions to accomplish. You need to gather the assets neccessary to make that happen. And it appears that everyone else is determined to see you fail. But that's okay - you know you're the best. Now you just have to prove it.

Be the first to complete 3 Top-Secret Missions to be declared the Ultimate SPY MASTER. Use Action Cards to get what you need, sabotage other agents, and cause bedlam as you escape danger to carry out your assignment!

Remember - there are no friends among spies. Trust no one, use your guile to its greatest advantage, and good luck to you, Agent.

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